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  • 29 Dec 2022 9:03 PM | Anonymous

    Dear readers, dear colleagues, dear members and friends of IDEA,

    Here we are coming close to the end of the year that celebrates thirty years since the founding of our association. And what a year it was! 

    Many of us met at last in person after a long time, in Reykjavik, Iceland, at our wonderful and significant Congress organized with love and care by our colleagues from FLISS and the University of Iceland. I met at last face to face some of the Elected Officers that I meet regularly over Zoom every month, for we were elected on the first ever IDEA Online GCM in December 2020, and work together closely. And we have succeeded in having a face-to-face GCM at the Congress itself.

    We were successful in completing ten sessions of THE (HI)STORY OF IDEA online webinars, connecting different generations of IDEA members, bridging the past, present and future of IDEA through dynamic, vivid dialogues that will stay forever in IDEA’s archives, and that could be viewed on IDEA’s Facebook page, and soon on IDEA’s YouTube channel. Besides that, we organized IDEA forums and online events with different subjects, gathering our members in the best possible way on platforms where we could learn from each other, be in dialogue, and most of all, support each other over the globe.

    We have published two books, one dedicated to 30 years of IDEA and the book dedicated to the Young IDEA lab that took place in Togo.

    We celebrated in the best possible way our IDEA Day on the 27th of November, also presenting our new members and activities of our community from different parts of the world.

    We have celebrated, together with colleagues from the World Alliance for Arts Education the UNESCO Arts education week in May with a rich online program, advocating together for arts education for all.

    We have published our quarterly IDEA Newsletter, sharing information with our membership and broader.

    I am proud of our team of committed and hardworking elected officers, and I am confident that new quests and adventures lie ahead, such as the General Council Meeting in Kampala, Uganda, as part of the IDEA-endorsed International Conference on Performing Arts with the theme: “Performing Arts and the university of the 21st Century: Concepts, Training, and Practice”, organized by the Makerere University.

    Hoping many of us will meet in March in Kampala, I wish you all a blissful and happy Christmas and New Year!

    May you and your families be healthy, happy and safe.

    May we give joy and meaning to many children, youth and persons of all ages through drama/theatre education.

    Sanja Krsmanović Tasić

    IDEA president 

  • 28 Nov 2022 2:53 AM | Anonymous

    IDEA is organizing the webinar Holistic Approaches to Drama/Theatre Education that will take place over Zoom on 3rd December at 11 am UTC (Time and Date link). 

    The speakers will be Andrew Byrne, the Head of Performing Arts at Prahran High School, Melbourne Australia, the President of Drama Victoria and the Director of Projects and Guidelines for Drama Australia, and Matthew Sheahan, the current president of the Council of Ontario Drama and Dance Educators (CODE). The host and moderator of the webinar will be Sanja Krsmanović Tasic, the IDEA President. 

    Andrew Byrne's experience is with teaching First Nations Content and Concepts in the Drama classroom. He regularly presents professional learning and development and was a part of the development of a comprehensive teaching resource to support teachers in this field. He is currently completing a Master of Education (Research) with a focus on how teachers can support their students to meaningfully produce Contemporary Indigenous Theatre in the Drama Classroom.

    Central to Matthew Sheahan's practice as a drama teacher and Indigenous Studies teacher, has been the utilization of Indigenous voices, issues and pedagogy without the appropriation of voice or culture. In this webinar, we will discuss how we can integrate and utilize Indigenous material and voices in a meaningful and safe way in the drama classroom that furthers the power of authentic voice in a way that leads toward reconciliation and decolonization, not appropriation. 

    You can access the webinar via the Zoom link below or follow us on Facebook live

    Meeting ID: 828 7007 9247
    Passcode: 780066

  • 27 Nov 2022 2:22 AM | Anonymous

    Dear friends and colleagues around the world, all of you involved in the living practice, theory, research, education, promotion and support of our field, drama/theatre and education,

    This year is an important year for IDEA, a year of re-embracing and re-empowering our presence and visibility on the world scene and in the lives of our members and the world community.

    We are celebrating 30 years since IDEA was founded, and we celebrated this important anniversary in the best possible way, something we have missed in almost a decade: the IDEA Congress in Reykjavik.

    It was a place for us to meet, talk, learn from each other, rethink ourselves in the context of the new tendencies of drama/theatre education and find support and new winds to carry us to future ventures and adventures in our work and life. It was also a place for us to acknowledge that not everyone could be present, and we dearly missed our colleagues who could not join, again realizing what a complex and also unfair world we live in. A world with huge economical differences, visa restrictions, conflicts and war zones, with the tides and traces of the Covid virus still lingering around. 

    Photo: Anastasia Tasic/ Symposium "Creative Potentials of Partnership Between Teachers and Artists" at the Children and Youth's "Mater Terra" Festival in Belgrade, 18th November

    I am a successor of many remarkable former Presidents of IDEA, that have also found ways for us to continue functioning and gathering our membership in turbulent times. But this is a time like no other.  A time when we have to search for advantages in disadvantages, where we strive to find ways of connecting and collaborating, exchanging knowledge and experiences from the spaces of our own homes and offices, classrooms and parks via Zoom and other online platforms. We will continue in this exploration of possibilities that the World Wide Web is offering us, making plans and strategies for how to make our events and gatherings more accessible to all.

    On the 19th of November this year we have had our 9th Mater Terra Festival in Belgrade. It is a showcase of all drama/theatre and education initiatives that have resulted in performances, workshop presentations or work-in-progress presentations from Serbian schools and drama studios, involved in drama for learning, as well as drama/theatre as art education. We have as our principal themes all these years ecology and ecology of the soul, a concept I have been developing for many years as my teaching methodology and art practice.  One of the most important parts of this Festival, which is not competitive but a place for support, growth and development, is the Conversations in the Round, where after a block of presentations, we all sit together in a circle and talk about what we have seen, or how we do our work. We comment, ask questions, explore together and search deeper the meaning of what has been presented. We are all equal in this circle: the children and teenagers, teachers, parents, artists and our expert team. We speak, but most importantly listen to each other, carefully, completely involved in the process of listening. In the younger group, when all the voices, comments, questions and answers have run out, and when I proclaimed the end of the session, something strange happened. No one moved. No one wanted to move. We just continued sitting there, together, in silence. And we had 8, 9, 10 year-olds and older children with us.

    I suddenly realized that the children and everyone in that circle wanted this feeling of togetherness, support and understanding to last. Just for us to continue to be there for each other. I also realized this circle is like a nest, a nest of safety in this strange and turbulent world, and that nest is something we as drama teachers create in all our work and contact with children, youth, elderly, disabled, each and everyone involved.

    One of the significant outcomes and results of the 9th IDEA Congress in Iceland is the Reykjavik Manifesto, one more tool we can use for the advocacy in our field, and I would like to share with you its content in this IDEA Day message:

        “Being mindful of the goals, strategies and action items of the UNESCO SeoulAgenda’s Goals for the Development of Arts Education and acknowledging the principles expressed in the Frankfurt Declaration and the Winnipeg Declaration,We understand that Drama/Theatre Education is a powerful creative process and subject for multi-dimensional learning in formal, non-formal and informal education; a platform for inclusivity and decolonisation; venue and methodology for research; an agent for enhancing health and wellbeing, and introduction to this art form, including drama in education and diverse theatre traditions around the world, and opportunity for enhancing social awareness, empathy and collaboration and personal and community development, and platform for expression and action on matters of local, global and intercultural concern such as Peace, Sustainability, Equality and Economic empowerment.

    We, the participants at the 9th IDEA World Congress in Reykjavik, Iceland under the theme “Drama for All, Drama for Tall and Small” meet in the context of drama in the changing world. We pledge our commitment to raise awareness to contribute to the implementation of the objectives and practice of Drama/Theatre Education. We call upon all levels of government to make official legislation to support this materially, and in spirit, to ensure equitable access to high quality Drama/Theatre Education for all children, youth and life-long learners as part of a full, human education.”

    At the end I would like to thank my fellow Elected Officers for all their work and commitment, our colleagues from FLISS and the University of Iceland for organizing the IDEA Congress, and all of you who strive to make this world a better place with drama/theatre education, a safe nest that will allow flights of all involved in future times.


                                                                   Sanja Krsmanović Tasić

                                                                   IDEA President                                                    

  • 2 Nov 2022 5:54 AM | Anonymous

    The 9th session of THE (HI)STORY OF IDEA webinar will take place on Saturday, 12th November at 12 pm UTC.

    The featured guests will be Patrice Baldwin (United Kingdom), Chair of the Council for Subject Associations and President of IDEA from 2010-2013, and Borisav Matić (Serbia), a dramaturg, playwright and critic. The session host will be Zeki Özen (Turkey)

    Patrice Baldwin is Chair of the Council for Subject Associations (UK). She was Chair of National Drama (UK) for 11 years (until 2014) and President of IDEA from 2010-2013. Patrice has been a Headteacher, School Inspector, School Improvement Officer, National Curriculum Consultant (Drama), and a local government Adviser for Arts Education and Cultural Learning, as well as Head of a Music Service. She is an educational author, BBC Education scriptwriter and consultant. Her most recent book is, ‘Process Drama for Second Language Teaching and Learning’, co-written with Alicja Galaska. During 2019-21, she was Oak National Academy’s Primary Drama Subject Expert, providing drama lessons for home learning.

    Borisav Matić is a dramaturg, playwright and critic from Serbia. He is the Regional Managing Editor at The Theatre Times and regularly writes about theatre for a range of publications and media - one of his focuses is theatre education. He’s a member of the feminist collective Rebel Readers with whom he co-edits Bookvica, their portal for literary criticism, and organizes non-formal educational programs for young adults in literature and critical thinking. He works as a dramaturg or a scriptwriter for theatre, TV, radio and other media. He is the Administrator of IDEA and the Secretary of CEDEUM – Center for Drama in Education and Art (Serbia). He participated in the Young IDEA Lab at the 2022 IDEA World Congress in Reykjavik.

    Check your local time of the event here. Follow us live on our Facebook page or join directly on Zoom via the link below.

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 854 2148 0184

    Passcode: 279183

  • 25 Oct 2022 9:30 AM | Anonymous

    The IDEA Day on the 27th of November is the day when we celebrate drama/theatre education and advocate for the universal right to cultural life and full participation within it. 

    This year, we have planned a special IDEA Day weekend with two online events.

    The first is another THE (HI)STORY OF IDEA webinar. The featured guests will be our Past-Immediete President Robin Pascoe (Australia) and Aishwariyah Shanmuganathan from the Singapore Drama Education Association. The IDEA Vice President Liliana Galvan will moderate the session. The webinar will be held on the 26th of November at 12 pm UTC (check your local time here). 

    You can join the webinar via the Zoom link below or follow us on Facebook live.

    Meeting ID: 863 2905 5303

    Passcode: 991509

    The second event is the IDEA DAY CELEBRATION on the 27th of November at 12 pm UTC (check your local time). IDEA’s Elected Officers from around the world will talk about recent developments in the drama/theatre education field, presenting the most inspiring actions in practice and research. 

    What will you see and hear?

    - The IDEA Day message by IDEA President

    - Announcement and Invitation of the Second Online IDEA Festival Together We go On 2023 by IDEA Directors of Projects

    - News about Arts Education and UNESCO

    - Invitation for the Conference and GCM that will take place at the Makerere University

    - Welcome and presentation of the new members of IDEA

    - IDEA day messages from all over the world

    Join us via the Zoom platform with this link:

    Meeting ID: 826 4656 4974

    Passcode: 783726

    or follow the live stream of the session on our Facebook page.

    In addition to these online events, we want to ask you how you will be celebrating IDEA Day - either through in-person activities or through symbolic gestures posted online. Please, send us your actions, plans, thoughts, ideas, provocations, etc. (Contact:

    For inspiration, here are messages of IDEA’s Elected Officers for last year’s IDEA Day. And here you can find messages if IDEA members
  • 25 Oct 2022 8:24 AM | Anonymous


    DATE: 27 March-1 April 2023

    VENUE: Makerere University Kampala

    THEME: Performing Arts and the university of the 21st Century: Concepts, Training, and Practice 

    Conventionally, universities exist as seats of knowledge. Learners and faculty use and contribute to knowledge stores through teaching, research, and publications. However, the 21st Century has seen increasing demand for universities to be more accountable directly to communities they are located; to play a more active role in the development and sustainability of society. (OSISA 7 2016; Tiferra 2015; Coker-Kolo 2013; Matas 2012; Bleiklie et al 2005; Mignolo 2000; and others, like related articles in University World News) Golden is gold. To commemorate its 50 years of molding young Ugandans and others for careers in performing arts and film, Department of Performing Arts and Film (DPAF) at Makerere University will host an international conference and associated events to take stock of knowledge, partnerships, and friendships gained. Importantly, together with stakeholders, DPAF will reflect on its life and work, and plan its next 50 years and beyond.

    The Conference uses the tagline, Golden is Gold, under the theme, “Performing Arts and the university of the 21st Century: Concepts, Training, and Practice”.

    NOTE: In this conference, performing Arts will embrace those artforms by which we are identified or make our livelihoods. They include creative, performed, and digital arts. They cover Music, Dance, Drama, Storytelling, Poetry, documentaries, comic strips, batik, handcrafts, and screen arts like Film, cartoons and animations. These categories and forms may inform performances and disciplines of study or research.

    The Conference and Associated Events

    A number of exciting events will take place within / alongside the Conference:

    (i).The General Council Meeting (GCM) for IDEA (International Drama / Theatre and Education Association. IDEA is an international professional association for Drama / Theatre teachers and practitioners). IDEA President, Sanja Krsmanović Tasić, will speak at the Conference.

    (ii).A Stakeholders’ Summit to discuss the state of performing arts training and research, and prospects for increased graduate study in the area.

    (iii).A Planning Meeting for Authors of the African Theatre Webinar (ATW) Series.

    Paper and workshop presentations, round table discussions, theatre / cultural exhibitions, a book bazaar, sight-seeing, and open-air performances by students and staff will spice up the conference. Guests will be hosted to a theatre show on 27 March 2023 during World Theatre Day celebrations at the Uganda National Theatre in Kampala. (Refer to the Programme below) Book your place NOW! Visit:

    The full programme is available in the this document. 

    KEY to the Programme

    Keynotes: These are plenary sessions on topical issues on scholarship in the performing arts and of general interest to all participants

    SIG= Special Interest Group to facilitate exchange and sharing of knowledge, skills and experiences specific to disciplines. It’s also a good time for networking.

    Round Table: Round table sessions are intended to debate key issues arising especially from the keynotes and specifically on graduate training in the performing arts

    Parallel sessions: This is the time dedicated to paper presentations and workshops by conference participants who are not key speakers. Care will be taken to give chance to as many presenters as can be accommodated by the programme.

    Genius / Flair session: This is an entertainment yet creative session led by students of Performing Arts and Film Department at Makerere University. All are free to present

    Melting Pot: This is intended as a relaxation and exchange moment where the conference participants are free to share artistic work by way of performance. 

    Conference Papers and Workshop Presentations

    Conference papers and workshops are invited on general topics listed below. Abstracts should be 250 words maximum. The end product is a book publication while digital material will be published on DPAF’s hence Makerere University’s e-Library resources.

    ·       Theories and Aesthetics

    ·       Text and Performance

    ·       Practice and Context

    ·       Interculturality and Globalization

    ·       Performing arts and university education

    ·       Institutionalization, Curriculum, and Scholarship

    ·       Publishing the performing arts

    ·       Knowledge production and reproducibility

    ·       Performing artists for tomorrow

    ·       Digitalization and New Media

    Submission deadline: January 31, 2023


    Registration for the Conference will open by 1 November 2022 at the Conference website: Registration will close by 15 March 2023.

    Conference Fee: (Covers conference kit, lunch and breaks) per participant:

    Early Bird: US$ 200

    Late Registration: US$ 250

    East Africans: US$ 150

    Ugandans: UGX 350,000

    Lecturers at Ugandan universities will pay UGX 300,000 and the Students UGX 100,000

    Conference Organizers:

    1.    Conference Convener and Chairperson Organizing Committee:

    Dr. Mercy Mirembe Ntangaare, Associate Professor of Drama, Department of Performing Arts and Film (DPAF), Makerere University Kampala. Tel. +256 772 663734 E-mail: /

    2.    Conference Co-Convener & Head of Department, DPAF Makerere:

    Prof. Sylvia Antonia Nakimera Nannyonga-Tamusuza. E-mail:

    3.    Other Committee members:

    Coordinator, Music, DPAF;

    Coordinator, Dance, DPAF;

    Coordinator, Drama & Film, DPAF

  • 21 Sep 2022 11:42 PM | Anonymous

    We are happy to announce that the 8th session of THE (HI)STORY OF IDEA webinar will take place on Saturday, October 1st at 12 pm UTC.

    The featured guests will be Prof. Dr. Christopher J. Odhiambo (Kenya), a professor of Literature and Applied Drama at Moi University and a co-organizer of the 1998 IDEA world Congress in Kisumu, as well as Nancy Franco (Colombia), a theatre educator and theatre director. The session host is Joachim Reiss (Germany), while the technical host is the IDEA Administrator Borisav Matić (Serbia)

    Prof. Dr. Christopher J. Odhiambo holds a Ph.D. in Drama and Theatre Arts from Stellenbosch University (SA). He is the current Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, Research and Innovation; has published widely in the fields of Literature, Applied Drama/Theatre, Popular Culture and Film. Has presented papers and keynote addresses on various topics in Literature, Theatre and Popular Culture in conferences and Seminars, and has facilitated numerous theatre and drama workshops in Kenya and beyond. He has written and directed plays. In 2007 was awarded a two-year Mellon Research Fellowship at Wits University at the Department of African Literature and Dramatic Art Division and participated in the development and implementation of the Drama for Life curriculum. In 2013 was awarded Wits University’s SPARC Distinguished Scholar Award and is also an Alexander van Humboldt Senior Research Fellow.

    Nancy Franco has worked in children’s and teenager’s theater for the last 15 years, as a musical theatre director and theatre teacher. At the moment, she is researching the theater’s impact on people that had experience with it during their childhood (3 to 18 years old). She is a teacher at ‘Universidad de La Sabana’ in Bogotá. From 2016 to 2019 she was The World Theatre Map’s ambassador for the region, and in 2021 she was recognized as one of Colombia’s Progress Protagonists.

    Check your local time of the event here. Follow us live on our Facebook page or join directly on Zoom via the link below.

    Topic: THE (HI)STORY OF IDEA Webinar on October 1st

    Time: Oct 1, 2022 12:00 PM Universal Time UTC

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 852 9053 4223

    Passcode: 291969

  • 6 Sep 2022 1:15 AM | Anonymous

    After a mid-year break, the monthly webinar THE (HI)STORY OF IDEA continues this Saturday, September 10th at 12 pm UTC.

    The featured guests of the upcoming session are Dr. Mercy Mirembe Ntangaare (Uganda), an Associate Professor of Drama at Makerere University, and Fredyl B. Hernandez (The Philippines), a senior artist-teacher and member of The Philippine Educational Theatre Association. The session host is Joachim Reiss (Germany), while the technical host is the IDEA Administrator Borisav Matic (Serbia).

    The event is conceptualized as an intergenerational and intercultural dialogue that examines IDEA history through a critical lens, but also with an aim of tracking the evolution of drama/theatre education and directing its future. 

    Dr. Mercy MIREMBE NTANGAARE is an academic, playwright, folklorist, theatre maker and producer of children’s and young people’s theatre with MEBO Theatre Documentaries Limited which she founded in 2006. She is an Associate Professor of Drama at Makerere University Kampala with interests in inter-disciplinary research, Cultural Economics, Folk Arts, Biographies, Drama Portals and E-Publishing. Dr. Mirembe Ntangaare was General Secretary AUGA (Association of Ugandan-German Alumni) from 2017-2019. She is the Chairperson of FEMRITE (Uganda Women Writers’ Association); Council Member, World Alliance for Arts Education (WAAE); Board Member Fourth Heritage Initiative; Member, Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association (UWEAL), Member and District (Uganda) Officer, Lions Clubs International through the Lions Club of Kampala Central. She writes plays, short stories, essays, and children’s books. She enjoys serving humanity, Creative Writing, the Theatre, the Choir, Photography, Cooking, Gardening, Travelling, Computer Graphics and Book Design.

    Previously, Dr. Mirembe Ntangaare was Head of Department, Music Dance and Drama, Makerere University Kampala (2002-2009); Deputy Dean, Faculty of Arts (2010-2012); Chairperson Board of Trustees of Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC) (2009- 2015); Founding Chairperson, Eastern Africa Theatre Institute (EATI) (2000-2003); and Vice Chairperson, International Drama/Theatre and Education Association (IDEA) (2008 -2016).

    FREDYL B. HERNANDEZ is a senior artist-teacher member of the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA). His entry point into PETA was through its youth arm, the Metropolitan Teen Theater League (MTTL). During his stay with MTTL, he joined several workshops and festivals for young people through various activities of IDEA which started with the Young IDEA program of the 4th World Congress (2001) in Bergen, Norway. He was part of the performance, The Strong Boy, Deaf Boy, and Girl in an Abaya, which was presented both at the Young IDEA and the congress proper. In 2003, the same performance was brought to the 3rd Athens International Theater and Drama Education Conference through the invitation of Nikos Govas. On the same year, it was once again invited to be part of Les Polyscenes, An International Youth Theater Encounter in Montpellier, France, through the initiative of Lucien Nicholas and with the help of Maria van Bakelen. In 2019, he joined the 2nd Next Generation Program, a theatre residency organized by the National Centre of Theatre for Children and Young Audiences in Lahore, Pakistan, as well as the Global Youth Peace Ambassador Training in Male, Maldives. He was also a 2019 Fellow of the Arts for Good Fellowship, a program of the Singapore International Foundation which aims to foster a community of practice that harnesses the power of arts and culture for positive social change, where he participated in the creative exchanges in Singapore and in India. In 2021, he was part of the International Exchange Program organized by the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People (ASSITEJ) Germany in the City of Braunschweig. This year, he was a collaborator in the Young IDEA Lab in Reykjavik, Iceland for the 9 the IDEA World Congress. He recently attended the Kaimera Lab 2022, a training on site-specific, immersive, and participatory performance organized by Kaimera Productions held in Gorzanow, Poland. He is also an Instructor at the Department of Art Studies, University of the Philippines Diliman. His interests include theater and performance studies, arts and social practice, and artistic/performance research.

    To check the local time of the event, click here.

    You can follow the event live on our Facebook page or join directly via the Zoom link below.

    Topic: THE (HI)STORY OF IDEA Webinar, September 10

    Time: Sep 10, 2022 12:00 PM Universal Time UTC

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 872 8318 2217

    Passcode: 105020

  • 3 Jul 2022 11:02 PM | Anonymous

    Welcome to the 9th conference of IDEA (International Drama Education Association) DRAMA 4ALL. Drama for tall and small. Celebrating drama in a changing world that will be held in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, the 4th – 8th of July 2022. We welcome all drama educators, cultural workers, theatre artists, researchers, teachers and students from all over the world to this common arena for inspiration and development. It is hosted by FLISS (The Icelandic Drama in Education Association) and the University of Iceland, School of Education (UI).

    It is an honour for FLÍSS and UI to have the opportunity of hosting an international congress of that size on the subject of drama/theatre and education in collaboration with IDEA. Iceland is one of the leading countries when it comes to implementing drama in compulsory education. In 2013 drama was established as a key learning area in the arts in Icelandic basic education and is, in the curriculum, presented both as a subject and as a method in teaching other subjects.

    By hosting the congress FLISS and the UI aim to celebrate drama as a subject in its own right in compulsory education as part of the curriculum. 

    The whole program of the Congress is available on the Congress website: 

  • 3 Jul 2022 10:34 PM | Anonymous

    The 2022 IDEA World Congress is starting this Monday, the 4th of July. The organizers of the Congress - FLISS and the University of Iceland, School of Education - are looking forward to welcoming those of you who are coming. 

    Sadly, we still face many obstacles in terms of worldwide travel and the exchange of knowledge, so some of you are not able to come due to Covid restrictions, the economic crisis, etc. 

    We are streaming part of the Congress program, so all of you around the world will be able to access some events via Zoom. 

    Events that will be offered online are: 

    The 2022 General Council Meeting of IDEA: 

    1st Session - 4th of July, 10-12 am UTC. Check your local time here

    2nd Session - 6th of July, 8-10 am UTCLocal time

    3rd Session - 6th of July, 5-7 pm UTCLocal time

    The 2022 GCM will be accessible by this link:

    Meeting ID: 868 6293 0345
    Passcode: 953430

    World Alliance for Arts Education and IDEA: “Arts Education in an Everchanging World”

    4th of July, 1-2:30 pm UTCLocal timeMore information

    Join the event via the following link:

    Meeting ID: 858 1878 6055
    Passcode: 884872 

    Keynote lectures - one per every day of the Congress

    Check the program here

    Join all the lectures via the following link:

    Meeting ID: 879 887 8115

    Special Interest Group

    Drama and theatre in Science, Technology and New Media - by Liliana Galván, PERÚ 

    The schedule for every SIG group is available on the Congress website. You can find more information about the SIG here and access the meeting via the following link:

    We're looking forward to seeing you, either in person or online. 

IDEA is a non-profit professional association for Drama Education registered in Portugal. 

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