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IDEA Day Webinar: Drama/Theatre Education for Peace on 26 November

15 Nov 2023 1:03 AM | Anonymous

IDEA Day on the 27th of November is approaching, an important occasion when we celebrate drama/theatre education and advocate for the universal right to education and cultural life, with a special focus on children’s human rights.

Unfortunately, we are everyday witnesses that children’s human rights are not only blatantly violated in many parts of the world but children are often victims of wars and conflict zones that are raging around the world.

In 2022, IDEA together with its partners from the World Alliance for Arts Education dedicated the program of the UNESCO International Arts Education Week to peace education through arts, as we believe that war and violence can only cause pain for human beings, while education and culture should have a pacifist and healing effect. Our unspoken hope was that the world would gradually progress from devastating wars to cooperation and solidarity.

As the situation is no better than in 2022, and in many cases the situation is significantly more concerning, IDEA finds that it is essential to foster collaboration, inclusion, empathy, and compassion through our work. That is why we are organizing the IDEA Day Webinar: Drama/Theatre Education for Peace on Sunday the 26th of November at 12 pm (noon) UTC.

At the webinar, you will have the chance to: 1. Hear presentations from drama/theatre practitioner from across the globe who dedicate their work to peace education; 2. Get to know new IDEA members who will present their work to the wider IDEA community; 3. Learn about about important upcoming events in drama/theatre education like the IDEA World Congress that will take place in China in July 2024.

Zoom link for the webinar: 

IDEA Day Webinar: Drama/Theatre Education for Peace

Meeting ID: 867 0344 9486

Passcode: 119466

The webinar will be live-streamed on IDEA's YouTube.

We are looking forward to meeting you and using IDEA Day as a platform for drama/theatre education and peace!

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