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There are two categories of members of IDEA: 

1. Organisational Members

  • National or Regional Associations supporting Drama/Theatre Education. Each of these organisation is entitled to three votes at the General Council Meeting.

  • Not-for-Profit Organisations: Theatre companies, Schools or School districts, Networks, and Cultural or Community Centres and Universities supporting Arts, Drama/Theatre and Education. Each of these organisations is entitled to two votes at the GCM.

  • Organisations for profit working in the field of Arts, Drama/Theatre and Education. These organisations are not entitled to vote at the GCM.

2. Individual Members 

     Each individual is entitled to one vote at the GCM.

IDEA recognizes Student/ Young Professional Membership, ages 18-26 (with appropriate verification) as a subgroup of individual membership.

    Membership Application Procedure

    When you decide to apply for membership, please select the appropriate category, fill out the appropriate application form and send your CV or info about your organisation, or individual CV, depending on the type of membership you are applying, to: IDEA Secretary Nancy Franco ( and IDEA Administrator (

    Upon the approval of your membership by the IDEA Board, you will receive the membership confirmation and further instructions.

    IDEA Association format 

    IDEA Organisational format

    Individual Membership format

    Responsibilities of IDEA to its members

    The Executive Committee of IDEA is committed to actively support its members in the development of projects, curricula, the exchange of ideas and resources, and the protection and affirmation of its members’ cultural and educational human rights. To this end, IDEA will offer or facilitate all available expertise as a consultancy service, and make available its stamp of international approval to members that fulfill our project criteria and can demonstrate our standards of preparation and evaluation.

    IDEA opposes discrimination on the basis of race, colour, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age or ability. Members admitted to IDEA agree to these rights and their practice will act to support them.

    Members' rights

    All members have the right to be elected to the executive bodies of IDEA, or to join one of IDEA’s working committees and in this way participate and contribute to the life and activities of IDEA.

    IDEA expects organisational members to:

    • If it is an organisational member, to designate a contact person who will take responsibility for communication with IDEA, keep their members informed about IDEA, and promote the interest of their members in the work of IDEA. The contact person's information should be communicated to the IDEA IDEA Secretary Nancy Franco ( and IDEA Administrator Dunja Djokic (ad.ideadrama@gmail.comand any changes in information should be communicated to the administration promptly. 

    • Regularly contribute to IDEA's online newsletters and social media pages.

    • Inform the IDEA Secretary and IDEA Administrator about all actions that further the aims of IDEA and regularly update the Secretary and Administrator on their activities in Drama/Theatre Education. 

    • Pay an annual membership fee, as defined periodically by the General Council 

    • Participate in General Council Meetings and IDEA Congresses.

    Annual Membership Fees

    IDEA is a non-profit professional association for Drama Education registered in Portugal. 

    Rua Bernardo Santareno 2f – 2 k 2825-446 Costa da Caparica.

    Privacy Policy

    © IDEA 2022

    English: International Drama/Theatre and Education Association 

    Portuguese: Associação Internacional de Teatro Educação

    French : Association Internationale Théâtre et Éducation 

    Spanish: Associación Internacional Teatro y Educación 

    Chinese: 国际戏剧/戏剧和教育协会

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