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Together we go on festival 2023

The second Online World Festival ‘Together We Go On’ will be held on the 26th of August 2023, starting from 7 am UTC.  It will be an 18-hour non-stop festival, as inclusive as possible - no time zones, no one excluded! 

Read the message of IDEA's Co-Directors of Projects and Concepts, Tom Willems and Tomas Leijen, for more information about the festival: 

Dear readers, dear colleagues, dear members and friends of IDEA,

As co-directors of Projects and Concepts of IDEA we are very happy to invite you to the second Online World Festival ‘Together We Go On’ on August 26 and August 27. Check here the times in your region. To be as inclusive as possible we are going to program 18 hours non-stop. No time zones, no one excluded. A wide range of workshops, theatre performances, lectures and presentations will be presented to you for free! 

We thank all the IDEA-members who sent their content and who want to show the community what is happening within Drama/Theatre and Education worldwide. For us as co-directors of Projects and Concepts it is inspiring to see the enthusiasm with which associations and individuals send us their proposals for content.

We believe the IDEA community can be proud on the programme of this years festival. The wide-range of content from different regions shows the diverse working areas and fields of expertise of the IDEA-members. With this programme we think there is something interesting to find for everyone.

We start the festival in Oceania, then the focus will shift to Asia, followed by Europe, then Africa. We will end the festival in America starting in the North and finishing in South-America. This way everyone is able to invite audience from their regions to come online and watch on a convenient time.

Do you want a up to date view of the programme? Check the IDEA website!

This is the link to the IDEA Online Festival! We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Kind regards,

Tom Willems and Tomas Leijen, Co-Directors of Projects and Concepts 

You can follow the Together We Go On Festival via live stream on IDEA's Facebook page

Download the PDF program of the Together We Go On festival.

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