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Young IDEA Project at IDEA Europe Meeting, 4-9 October

12 Jun 2023 11:34 PM | Anonymous

We are young

We have a lot of questions

We are international & worldwide

We are artists, educators & scientists

We want to promote transcultural exchange

We are students, young professionals & lecturers

We want to create a worldwide Young IDEA network

From October 4th-8/9th 2023, IDEA-member AAA Fabre Vieux – France, will host the IDEA Europe Meeting at the Château Fabre Vieux. Parallel to the IDEA Europe Meeting we organize a Young IDEA Workshop: ‘SITE-SPECIFIC 1M2’. Graduating Theatre-students and young professionals can participate.

We have accommodations for 12 to 15 young participants under the age of 30 years.




‘The SQUARE METRE can be a beautiful symbol for how we as artists can give 'something' to our spectator, and contribute to a (better) world in an artistic way. This is not by climbing on barricades and revolutions and promoting theatre as a utopian universe that contains the truth, but by projects that relate to our daily lives.’

In the workshop SITE-SPECIFIC 1M3 the participants will work in duo’s. Each duo chooses a spot in the (outside) space which is challenging, strange or familiar, threatening or attractive to them.

Each of the DUO explores this chosen space by all the sentences: eyes, ears, tactile, taste, smell. They share these sensorial experiences with one another and continue to explore the space together more in depth. In the course of these explorations their sensory impressions will generate allusions and associations to memories, thoughts, subjects, ideas and themes, individually and together. At given times the DUO’S exchange their work-in-progress. 

With the results of these exchanges the duo’s improvise, discuss and try out further these materials in the making process leading to a performance, scene, song, poem, visual installation, with amaximal duration of 3 minutes.

Working in this way is an exercise also on theatricality, as the DUO creates a 'theatrical square metre' inspired by the specific characteristics of the chosen spot and by transforming their allusions and the limitation-in-space into a short theatrical presentation.

It will work as a dramaturgic experiment in combination with craftsmanship.

You want to participate?

Fill in the attached Registration Form ASAP - but no later than the 15th of July. 

To be sent to Tom Willems: as well as to Maria van Bakelen: 

More information about the IDEA Europe Meeting. 

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