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30 Years of IDEA Book - The Structure of IDEA

17 May 2022 10:36 PM | Anonymous

The Structure of IDEA

The structure of IDEA includes the General Council (GC) which is the decision-making authority of IDEA. The GC elects in its meetings three governing Committees: Executive Committee (EC) - General Meeting Committee (GMC) - Accountancy Committee (AC).

The GC consists of all eligible IDEA members. The GC meets during Congresses and once between Congresses and discusses the principles and priorities of the actions, the budget and membership fees, determines the host countries for the international congresses and the IDEA Secretariat and empowers the Elected Officers according to the decisions taken on all matters. **

In 2020, the GCM was organised for the first time as a digital ZOOM meeting, due to the pandemic situation. These online meetings and online elections requested fundamental adaptations of the procedures usual in previous live-meetings, to ensure the internal democracy in IDEA. These procedural adaptations need improvement for future online decision-making processes.

Regionalisation of the IDEA structure

Over the years, IDEA members of a world region have formed informal regional networks: IDEA Europe, IDEA South and North America, IDEA Asia-Oceania and IDEA Africa.

Each network organises activities as suits best to the regional situation: the members of IDEA Europe organised since 2014 an annual meeting alternating in the different countries; IDEA Africa organised African Webinars since 2020; IDEA South America designed a map of all the contacts and operated actively in the WAAE; IDEA Oceania organised joined conferences and exchanges took place by participating in each other’s national conferences. Via the QR-code you find more information about the IDEA Regions.

** Excerpt from the IDEA Constitution and Operational Manual

Maria van Bakelen



会,分别是:执行委员会 (EC) - 大会委员会 (GMC) - 会计委员会 (AC)。















注:** 摘自IDEA章程和操作手册

Maria van Bakelen

IDEA is a non-profit professional association for Drama Education registered in Portugal. 

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