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THE (HI)STORY OF IDEA Webinar on 28th January

15 Jan 2023 6:25 AM | Anonymous

After a year of continuous monthly conversations,  THE (HI)STORY OF IDEA Webinar series will end (at least for the time being) with a session on 28th January at 12 pm UTC (Check your local time here). 

You can watch the recording of the session here

Three featured guests of the last webinar will be Sanja Krsmanović Tasić (Serbia), President of IDEA, drama educator, theatre director and actress; Liliana Galván (Peru), Vice President of IDEA, drama educator and Peruvian Ministry of Education advisor; and Tomas Leijen (The Netherlands), a dramaturg, teacher and Co-Director of Projects and Concepts at IDEA. 

You can join the webinar via the Zoom link below or follow us on Facebook live.

Meeting ID: 862 4550 9687

Passcode: 397449 

Biographies of speakers: 

Sanja Krsmanović Tasić, President of IDEA, drama educator, theatre director and actress 

Theatre director, choreographer, actress, dance and drama teacher, producer. Sanja is an acclaimed international expert in the realm of drama/theatre education, devised theatre and dance. She has developed an original methodology she calls “ecology of the soul”, based on developing creative potentials of each individual through an artistic process. Together with her theatre group and individually, she tours performances and conducts workshops around the globe. Author and producer of numerous programs and projects both educational and artistic, developing also work with disabled dancers. Author of innovative TIE and DIE methodologies in the prevention of bullying and cyberbylling. She is one of the founders of Association Artistic Utopia and director of Children and Youth Theatre Festival Mater Terra. Founder and Artistic Director of the festival Days of Smiljana Mandukić, dedicated to the preservation of the non-material heritage of Serbian contemporary dance. President of Centre for Drama in Education and Art-CEDEUM, the Serbian member of IDEA, and director of Hleb Teatar, a theatre group based on ensemble work fusing theatre, dance and live music.

She has initiated the world wide action “Bells for Arts Education” as part of the celebration of UNESCO International Week of Arts Education in May 2020. She writes essays, reviews and articles about drama/theatre education, theatre for young audiences and dance. She is member of the Magdalena Network (Network of Women in Contemporary theatre), Drama Association of Serbia, Dance Association of Serbia and CEDEUM and Hleb Teatar are members of the ANKSS, Association of the Independent Cultural Scene of Serbia.

Liliana Galván, Vicepresident of IDEA, drama educator, Peruvian Ministry of Education advisor

Executive Vice President of the International Association of Drama, Theater and Education (IDEA). Founder and director of art education School’s as “Tuquitos”, “Rasgos Teatro Taller” and “Integrarte, Arte para descubrirnos”. National art education advisor and consultant for the Ministry of Education. Founder of Starscamp, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Learning Director of ProAdalid Consultores and Vice President of the Center of Visual Anthropology of Peru. Has been officer of IDEA for two periods 2004-2007 and 2007-2010.

Licensed as Educational Psychology from the Cayetano Heredia University. DEA in Research by the Polytechnic University of Cataluña. Author of books “Creativity for change: Innovation for life and business” (UPC), Huellas Forum, a milestone for transforming art education in Peru (SINEACE), Agenda de Innovación para la Danza Escénica, por el Consejo Nacional de Danza Peru. 

Tomas Leijen, born in 1996, is as a dramaturg, teacher and curator for (participatory) theatre and art projects. In 2015 he received his degree in Acting in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After that he did the Theatre and Education (B.E.) course to become a theatre teacher at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, which he finished in 2020. He also followed the courses Community Art, Audience and Spectatorship and Theatre and Dance History at the University of Utrecht and the course Cultural Sociology at the University of Amsterdam. 

He now works as a dramaturg, giving dramaturgic advice at very divers places such as theatre companies and community centres. A lot of the projects Tomas works for as a dramaturg and curator/programme director are interdisciplinary and search for co-creation and collaboration within and outside the ‘artistic’ field, his believe is that at these places new forms and inspiration can be found.

Besides that Tomas Leijen is the Director of Projects and Concepts at IDEA (International Drama/Theatre and Education Association), the fringe programme director for AfroVibes Performing Arts Festival, part of the artistic team of RIGHTABOUTNOW Inc. and he teaches at multiple art universities different courses such as Concept development, Theatre Theories and Reflexivity. 

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