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Webinar Holistic Approaches to Drama/Theatre Education on 3rd December

28 Nov 2022 2:53 AM | Anonymous

IDEA is organizing the webinar Holistic Approaches to Drama/Theatre Education that will take place over Zoom on 3rd December at 11 am UTC (Time and Date link). 

The speakers will be Andrew Byrne, the Head of Performing Arts at Prahran High School, Melbourne Australia, the President of Drama Victoria and the Director of Projects and Guidelines for Drama Australia, and Matthew Sheahan, the current president of the Council of Ontario Drama and Dance Educators (CODE). The host and moderator of the webinar will be Sanja Krsmanović Tasic, the IDEA President. 

Andrew Byrne's experience is with teaching First Nations Content and Concepts in the Drama classroom. He regularly presents professional learning and development and was a part of the development of a comprehensive teaching resource to support teachers in this field. He is currently completing a Master of Education (Research) with a focus on how teachers can support their students to meaningfully produce Contemporary Indigenous Theatre in the Drama Classroom.

Central to Matthew Sheahan's practice as a drama teacher and Indigenous Studies teacher, has been the utilization of Indigenous voices, issues and pedagogy without the appropriation of voice or culture. In this webinar, we will discuss how we can integrate and utilize Indigenous material and voices in a meaningful and safe way in the drama classroom that furthers the power of authentic voice in a way that leads toward reconciliation and decolonization, not appropriation. 

You can access the webinar via the Zoom link below or follow us on Facebook live

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