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International Arts Education Week 23-29 May: Arts Education for Peace

11 May 2022 2:35 AM | Anonymous

International Arts Education Week is designated by the United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to be May 23-29, 2022. The below information will help you promote the week to networks of arts/culture and education stakeholders. This year, the topic of the international week of arts education is PEACE! We wish to collect the voices of art educators to spread out during the celebrations of the International Arts Education Week during May 23-29, 2022. 

Call For Action: Ring the Bells for Arts Education

The Ring the Bells for Arts Education action will take place again, this time as a WAAE initiative. We ask you all to join us on Monday 23rd of May at noon, by ringing bells or sounding other instruments as a sign of support for arts education. It will be a 24-hour world action, as we pass the time zones at noon. We also ask you to record a short video, or take a photo of the action and post it on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn account, with the hashtags:

#BellsForArtsEd #ArtsEdWeek #WAAE #IDEA #INSEA #ISME #WDA

Ring the Bells for Arts Education, 12pm 23rd May

Call For Contributions: WAAE Open HOUSE

During the 2022 International Arts Education Week, the world Alliance of Arts Education will organize a series of webinars related to Arts Education and Peace. If you want to share your ideas and work with others, on the topic, you can send us a presentation for the Open House live session on the 26 May at 20.00h (CEST) or for the asynchronous presentations on the 27 May.

Please fill out this form to send your presentation. 

Save the DATES: WAAE Webinars

23 May|

Ring the Bells

Opening Webinar: Arts Education for Peace

24 May|

Featured Film: Devaradiyaar in Sadir : The life and Art of Muthukannammal

25 May|

A Webinar with Tintti Karppinen from Finland, who dedicated her life to peace education through art education

26 |27 May

Open House

28 May|

Stories about the Alliance! A webinar with the founders of the World Alliance for Arts Education.

29 May |

Closing session/reflections …with WAAE leaders

Check the times of the webinars HERE

Register HERE to attend the webinars. 


Help us to map the field and the diversity of approaches to arts education: Make a mp4 one minute video about practices illustrating the contribution of arts education in the lives of children, youth and adults. WAAE will showcase it in a global scale through WAAE virtual space

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