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The (Hi)story of IDEA, First Session - Jan 2022

16 Jan 2022 4:10 PM | Anonymous

To mark the 30 years of IDEA, every last Saturday of the month in 2022 an online event is taking place, organized by the IDEA Online Working Group led by Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic and by the IDEA 30 Years Anniversary Working Group, led by Tom Willems, IDEA Director of Projects and Concepts.. The event consists of the presentation of significant figures that have formed and built IDEA as a worldwide association, through an encounter and dialogue with younger IDEA members from over the world. The event has the purpose of tracing IDEA’s 30 years journey through the form of oral history and through building a bridge between generations, the featured members presenting IDEA’s past, present and future. 

A screenshot from Miao Bin’s presentation at the January THE (HI)STORY OF IDEA event

The first session took place on 29th January at noon UTC as an intergenerational and intercultural dialogue between Maria van Bakelen (Netherlands/France), the Honorary President of IDEA and IDEA President from 1992-1998, and Miao Bin (China), Drama Teacher & Head of Art Education of Tianfu No.7 High School Primary Section, Chengdu, China. The session host and moderator was Sanja Krsmanović Tasić, IDEA President, while the technical host was Borisav Matić, IDEA Administrator. 

Adriana Nichting’s drawing of the first (HI)STORY OF IDEA session 

You can watch the recording of the event at the following link

Stay tuned for more THE (HI)STORY OF IDEA events that will happen every month. There will be more information soon about near future sessions.

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