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This document has been prepared by the current IDEA Director of Publications, Richard Sallis with assistance from John O’Toole.

IDEA Publications came into being at the time of the IDEA Congress in Brisbane in 1995. Since that time each IDEA Congress has produced some type of publication in printed and/or digital form. There have also been some publications that have originated from IDEA projects, rather than congresses. Below is the list of IDEA publications produced since 1995. 

To obtain copies of past IDEA publications it is recommended that interested parties contact the publisher or the relevant IDEA member association directly. 

Since early 2018 past IDEA articles/publications have become available in electronic form on the IDEA webpage and it is hoped that a full archive will available within the next few years.

If, on reading this list you notice any errors or omissions please inform the Director of Publications of IDEA so the list can be updated: Dr Richard Sallis (



Selected Readings in Drama and Theatre Education edited by Philip Taylor and Christine Hoepper (1995). Brisbane: Drama Australia (NADIE).


IDEA Journal: No. 1. (printed in conjunction with) NJ: Vol. 23 No. 1, 1999. Selected Papers IDEA 1998 (Kisumu) edited by Christine Comans and John O’Toole. Brisbane: Drama Australia (NADIE).

Bunyan, P. and van Bakelen, M. (c. 1999). Partnerships in Arts Education. Part A and Part B. Amsterdam: IDEA Publications.


IDEA Journal: No. 2. (printed in conjunction with) NJ: Vol. 26 No. 1, 2002. Selected Papers IDEA 2001 (Bergen) edited by Christine Comans and John O’Toole. Brisbane: Drama Australia (NADIE).

Rasmussen, B. and Østern, A-L. (2002). Playing Betwixt and Between: The IDEA Dialogues 2001. Bergen: IDEA Publications.

Eriksson, S. (Producer). (2002). (Video). Playing Betwixt and Between: The IDEA Congress Video. Bergen: IDEA Publications.


O’Toole, J. and Donelan, K. (Eds.) (2006). Drama Culture and Empowerment: the IDEA Dialogues 1995. Brisbane: IDEA Publications.

O’Toole, J. and McLean, J. (Producers) (2006). (Video). Reflections in the River: the IDEA ’95 Congress. Brisbane: IDEA Publications.

McCammon, L. and McLauchlan, D. et al. (Eds). (2006). Universal Mosaic of Drama and Theatre: The IDEA Dialogues 2004.City East, Queensland Australia: IDEA Publications.


Shu, J. and Chan, P. et al. (Eds.) (2009). Planting Trees of Drama with Global Vision in Local Knowledge: The IDEA Dialogues 2007. Hong Kong: IDEA Publications in association with TEFO (Hong Kong).


Live, Living Diversity! Embracing the Arts of Transformation!. CD-ROM produced by ABRA from the IDEA Congress in Belem (2010):


Aden, J. (Ed). (2015). Théâtre et éducation dans le monde: de nouveaux territoires d’utopies. Manage: Lansman Editeur. Paris: IDEA Publications in association with Lansman Editeur.

p-e-r-f-o-r-m-a-n-c-e: Volume 2 hosted and published papers from IDEA 2013. Magrin-Chagnolleau, I. & Aden, J. (Eds.) (à paraitre). Recherche en théâtre et éducation : IDEA. Paris : CNRS Sorbonne Paris 1 : p-e-r-f-o-r-m-a-n-c-e | Vol. 1 | N° 2 | May 2015. Revue en ligne. (Paris)

The Applied Theatre Research journal (formally Applied Theatre Researcher)

From 2003 to 2007 (at that time called the Applied Theatre Researcher) and then from 2013 IDEA Congress onwards the Applied Theatre Research journal (as it is now called) has published articles from IDEA congresses and associated events and published papers by IDEA members. 

The journal is edited by Penny Bundy and John O’Toole. In the 2005 edition selected papers from the IDEA Congress in Ottawa (2004) were published and in 2015 (Volume 3, Number 2) the journal published articles from the IDEA Congress in Paris (2013).

At any time ,IDEA members (including IDEA elected officers) can submit academic papers for consideration by the editors of this publication.

The Applied Theatre Research journal can be found at:,id=218/

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