The International Drama/Theatre and Education Association was established in July 1992 in Porto, Portugal.
IDEA has members in more than 80 countries around the globe. It aims to promote and advocate drama/theatre as part of a full human education and to provide an international forum for those working as drama/theatre educators throughout the world.

1. To offer a forum for meeting and discussion to individuals, groups and institutions who are working and campaigning for the universal right to arts education and, in particular, for the place of drama and theatre in the education of all people;
2. To facilitate international communication and the sharing of information between IDEA members and friends through publications and the organisation of seminars, workshops, symposia and conferences on subjects relevant to drama/theatre and education;
3. To support the development of research into the theory and practice of drama/theatre and education, particularly through project collaborations and the circulation of research and reports within the international community; and
4. To promote and encourage all regional, national and international initiatives that allow these objectives to be fulfilled, by stimulating project collaborations and the exchange of drama/theatre observers, practitioners and educators.

IDEA's current activities include the development of international project collaborations and youth workshops, publications, international and regional meetings, the dissemination of research and the international exchange of drama/theatre workers. All of these activities are celebrated and developed through a 3-yearly World Congress. IDEA’s past World Congresses have been held in Porto, Portugal in1992, Brisbane, Australia in 1995, Kisumu, Kenya in 1998, Bergen, Norway in 2001, Ottawa, Canada in 2004, Hong Kong (SAR) in 2007, Belém, Brazil in 2010 and Paris, France in 2013. Our 2016 World Congress will be held in Ankara, Turkey.