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Young IDEA Webinar

October 11

The infographic below summarises the linked projects.

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February 2020

Young IDEA Project in Lomé Togo

In the beginning of February 2020 an international family meeting is to take place in the city of Lomé in Togo West Africa. 

Invited are 30 children between the age of 11-13 years old with an accompanying teacher or family member! The meeting will last 10 days at the university campus of the capital of Togo, Lomé. 30 young international theater practitioners and pedagogues will work based on the methods of biographical theater with the children and the adults regarding the subject. The main question we will be exploring is: What do children and their parents (guardians) need, to be able to grow (with each other) being emotionally rich, healthy and able to think and act for themselves?

We ask for messages of interest until the 1st of February 2019.

Young IDEA asks the members of all the worldwide national associations that are interested to participate in this project, to come in contact with us and spread the word about this project idea! Questions, proposals and interest can be sent to the directors of young IDEA under

There is now a Go Fund Me Site where you can support this project: 

Directors of Young IDEA

Marion Küster, Nefeli Angeloglou

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