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Goals of IDEA Research

IDEA is an international organization of national drama/theatre organizations. As a result, IDEA is connected to robust and inspiring research projects that take place across a variety of international, national and community contexts. 

  • To design a broad IDEA research agenda and policies with strategic focus areas that align with IDEA’s priorities and based on IDEA’s strengths
  • To encourage and support drama/theatre educators and practitioners to undertake research projects that inform and enhance teaching and professional practice
  • To develop, support and encourage emerging researchers to become experienced researchers who can advance the field of drama/theatre education
  • To encourage and connect a body of exemplary practice that unites our international efforts to understand and improve research methodologies and fields of study

Research Committee Members 2017 - 2020

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Drama/Theatre Based Research Journals

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Grant Opportunities

Drawing your attention to opportunities for grant support for research.

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C&T Theatre

In this episode we talk to Dr. Paul Sutton and Mr. Max Allsup about how they have grown their theatre company from a traditional theatre in education company to the leading group that extends the applied theatre practice through the incorporation of technology. We hear from them about how they approach technology and how they think about theatre making in the age of digital media.


Dr. Kathleen Gallagher and a Pedagogy of the Real

This conversation was held via Skype between Kathleen's home in Toronto, Canada and mine in Columbia, South Carolina in the US. We had a wide ranging conversation about research, the role of the researcher, the inclusion of youth as co-researchers in projects and the Theatre of the Real. Much of this conversation was based on her book, "Why Theatre Matters: Urban Youth Engagement, and a Pedagogy of the Real." It is an excellent read and one that will certainly challenge and excite practitioners.  Listen

20 Years of RIDE

This episode is a conversation with Dr. Helen Nicholson, the chief editor of Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance. In this semi-structured interview, we discuss the history of the journal, ways that the journal has helped shape and has been shaped by the field of drama research and how the journal has influenced Dr. Nicholson's own work. It was a delight to be able to speak with her and I am grateful for her generosity in putting this episode together.


A Conversation with Dr. Wan-Jung Wang

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Wan-Jung Wang from Taiwan's National University of Tainan. She is a researcher, scholar, theatre director and story-teller. She will share her experiences in intercultural research, research methods and working within community settings. She will also discuss how western and eastern philosophies influence her work and practice. It's a fascinating conversation and one worth a listen.


A Conversation with Dr Joe Norris

A Conversation with Dr. Joe Norris, looks at play building as methodology and problematizes terms such as ethics, representation, data, and research. A fascinating conversation filled with interesting anecdotes and provocations for novice and advanced researchers alike. We talked via SKYPE. Joe Norris was in his office at Brock University which was decorated with puppets, a research quilt and other drama props. We spoke from a prepared set of questions that loosely guided the conversation.


Interview with Professor John O'Toole

This interview explores the growth and development of theatre based research as well as tips and insights for researchers.


Research Initiative – Research Podcasts

These podcasts have two main goals: first, to highlight and connect drama-based research across cultures and disciplines and second, to support and celebrate the dynamic and international field that is theatre-based research.

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