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After the 2013 Paris Congress, the IDEA Land and Home Project was launched by Director of Projects, Sonya Baehr. 

IDEA members around the globe responded with a variety of projects examining the relationship between human beings, 

the land on which we dwell, and our common search for a sustainable future.

Dr. Gillian Schroeter of Ballarat, Australia worked with university students majoring in education, devising several performance pieces and lesson planning tools, exploring how teachers can use drama with their students to address the issues of drought and potable water for future generations.

Bianca Till of Waiuku College in New Zealand, created "Turangaweaewae 21" working with Maori artists, university and secondary students, and a local theatre company. They explored the ways in which people of many races and cultures can come together as one to address issues such as deforestation, unrestricted urbanization, and the displacement of native peoples.

In Taiwan, Dr. Wan-Jung Wang created the new musical "If We Still Have Tomorrow," collaborating with Philippine choreographers, Prof. Matthew Santamaria, and Mr. Raul Alfonso of PETA, and with Hong Kong designer, Jacob Yu, and composer Temin Lee. The musical was performed by her students at the Tainan Cultural Center in June, 2016 and asks the question: How can we balance modernization with sustainability and maintain harmony with nature as taught by traditional Asian philosophy?

Dr. Mercy Mirembe Ntangaare's project in Uganda explored the tensions within communities around the use of land as a diminishing source of family wealth, and the inequities in the allocations of agricultural resources between genders and classes.

Dr. Elizabeth Murray's project "Cotton & Collards" explored the relationship between our earth, what we eat, and the clothes we wear. Her project included the participation of five schools in Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as the city's public library and art museum. She also developed collaborations with other Land & Home project leaders on several continents.

In Brazil, Dan Baron Cohen has been leading work with ABRA and AFROMUNDI to create several projects focusing on preserving the Amazon communities and ecology at the mouth of the Tocantins River. Above they are rehearsing for the piece "Dry Tears." They wish to demonstrate that deregulated industrialization is not necessarily "development." 

Isabelle Fortier, from Quebec, created a series of workshops with her college students during which they posed the question: How do we move from an "Ego-logical" perspective to an "Eco-logical" one?

For more information about these projects, check out the IDEA Land & Home Facebook page, as well as the Cotton & Collards Facebook page. You can view video clips from the projects and see more photos.

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