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It Could Be You, It Could Be Me

IDEA is very proud to feature “it could be me – it could be you” an awareness raising project on refugees and human rights using theatre/drama techniques. The project is organised by project leader Nikos Govas and implemented in Greece by the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr) in association with and the support of UNHCR Greece (the UN Refugee Agency) and accredited by IDEA-International Drama/Theatre & Education Association

Aims: The project seeks to provide resources and tools for the promotion of tolerance and solidarity, as well as peaceful co-existence between local communities and refugees, with the aim to eliminate manifestations of racism within the classroom/school, but also within the local community, by training teachers and NGO members in the use of experiential learning tools to raise awareness on refugee and human rights issues involving students in several activities.

The project includes teacher training, student workshops, school networking, and festivals, and includes parents, local community leaders, university students, local media partners.

“Monologues Festivals” have been held in several cities in the Greece. Worldwide access will be provided through IDEA. A “Monologues book” based on writings by unaccompanied refugee children will be posted on our website to share with the rest of the world the voices of refugee children who have lost their childhood because of war and poverty.

Contact info: / ++2106541600 /

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