More information about Webinar 3 in this series

Session 3 focuses on Europe

March 20 2021

Session 2 focuses on The Americas

February 20 2021

More information about this webinar here.

Session 1

January 30 2021

More regional sessions to follow

Young IDEA Webinar 11 October 2020

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IDEA Webinar 1 May 30 2020

"Reviving the Soul of the Seoul Agenda on Arts Education: towards a UNESCO Arts Education Agenda 2.0 – reflecting on 10 years of the Seoul Agenda"

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IDEA creating on-line community

Responding to Coronavirus Pandemic

IDEA is in the process of developing an on-line community to respond to current circumstances and strengthen our drama education community.

More information to be shared soon



An initial short one-day event – test drive the technology and appetite for on-line webinar based events.


10 years since the Seoul Agenda



A longer - multi-day event. Aligned with the original dates of the IDEA2020 Congress


Developing Drama Education in the Asia region

October/ November

A short one-day event.


Drama education and the brain Understanding brain science research on drama education.


News of a major Webinar offered over several days in July

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