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Session four about policies and politics of drama/theatre education in Africa was held on 24th April with the following speakers: Dr. Ola Ifatimehin from Nigeria, Arnold Komlavi Koledji from Togo, Faisal Kiwewa from Uganda and Hosni Ahmoukhlis from Morocco. The final session, held on 29th May, was a summary of all regional webinars about the future of drama/theatre in education. Dr. Mercy Mirembe, Kateřina Žarnikov, Colleen Roche and Liliana Galván were reporters for their theatre regions while the speakers were Ke Leng and Robin Pascoe. The moderators of all sessions were Joachim Reiss and Sanja KrsmanovićTasić with the technical support of Liliana Galván.

IDEA Webinar 1 May 30 2020

"Reviving the Soul of the Seoul Agenda on Arts Education: towards a UNESCO Arts Education Agenda 2.0 – reflecting on 10 years of the Seoul Agenda"

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IDEA creating on-line community

Responding to Coronavirus Pandemic

IDEA is in the process of developing an on-line community to respond to current circumstances and strengthen our drama education community.



An initial short one-day event – test drive the technology and appetite for on-line webinar based events.


10 years since the Seoul Agenda



A longer - multi-day event. Aligned with the original dates of the IDEA2020 Congress


Developing Drama Education in the Asia region

October/ November

A short one-day event.


Drama education and the brain Understanding brain science research on drama education.

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Session 3 focuses on Europe

March 20 2021

Session 2 focuses on The Americas

February 20 2021

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Session 1

January 30 2021

More regional sessions to follow

Young IDEA Webinar 11 October 2020

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News of a major Webinar offered over several days in July

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