While much of the work of IDEA is voluntary, IDEA uses part of IDEA's limited budget for an Administrator. 

The role of the IDEA Administrator is to work closely with both the IDEA President and the elected officers to manage the business requirements of the association.

These duties include:

  • Participation in planning and operational meetings;
  • Processing both incoming and outgoing correspondence;
  • Developing and maintaining an effective process for record-keeping and archiving;
  • Liaising with individual elected officers regarding matters related to their individual portfolios;
  • Managing and updating the membership database;
  • Managing and updating the IDEA web site;In conjunction with the Treasurer, sending out the annual Call for Fees, together with appropriate reminders;
  • In conjunction with the President, developing proposed annual budgets;In conjunction with the Secretary, responding to enquiries regarding membership;
  • Where possible, attending General Council Meetings;
  • Preparing a quarterly report on the operation of the IDEA Secretariat.

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IDEA is a not for profit professional association for Drama Education registered in Portugal. Rua Bernardo Santareno 2f – 2 k 2825-446 Costa da Caparica.

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English: International Drama/Theatre and Education Association 

Portuguese: Associação Internacional de Teatro Educação

French : Association Internationale Théâtre et Éducation 

Spanish: Associación Internacional Teatro y Educación 

Chinese 际戏剧/戏剧和教育

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