Research and Drama/Theatre Education
As a communal activity, arts-based educational research is undertaken at different levels as part of local, national, regional and international communities of practitioners and scholars. These communities determine the paradigms within which research is undertaken, being informed by the dominant theories of particular disciplines.
As a human activity, research involves the explanation and critical evaluation of Natural and cultural/human phenomena involving creative, systematic and original work that include basic, applied, strategic and reflective research.
Research in drama/theatre education should aim to clarify the theoretical understanding of the relationship between drama/theatre and education, and to develop praxis (theorized practice that is dynamic, i.e., practice and theory each being constantly re-informed by the other).
It should also provide informed and creative advice about the current and possible roles played by drama/theatre and education within global, national and local contexts.

Goals of Research within IDEA

  • To design a broad IDEA research agenda and policies with strategic focus areas that align with IDEA’s priorities and based on IDEA’s strengths
  • To encourage and support drama/theatre educators and practitioners to undertake research projects that inform and enhance teaching and professional practice
  • To develop, support and encourage emerging researchers to become experienced researchers who can advance the field of drama/theatre education
  • To encourage and connect a body of exemplary practice that unites our international efforts to understand and improve research methodologies and fields of study
  •  To promote and facilitate the dissemination of research findings for the benefit of the IDEA community

 The webpage will be a place to come in the future to find out more about the research of IDEA members, the congress’ research Special Interest Group (SIG), other projects and programs that might interest researchers and models of research.

Funding Sources

Here is a brief list of possible funding sources to support possible research projects.
European Commission
The German Academic Exchange Service
Theatre Communications Group
The Banff Centre
The Danish Arts Foundation

idea director of research report for GCM Columbia South Carolina January 21-23 2016