WAAE World Summit December 3-6 2016

Image: John Curtin College of the Arts, Fremantle, Western Australia. Student sculpture: Creativity, Innovation, Imagination

Image: John Curtin College of the Arts, Fremantle, Western Australia.

Student sculpture: Creativity, Innovation, Imagination

Dear Arts Educators

We are very glad to announce the 6th World Summit of the World Alliance for Arts Education and first world arts education summit to be held in Mainland China on December 3rd to 6th of 2016, co-hosted by UNESCO member organizations forming the World Alliance for Arts Education (WAAE,) Beijing Board of Education (BBE), Ministry of Education (MOE) of China, and E-Platform International Science and Technology (EPI). 

Arts Education for Sustainable Development is the theme of the summit. We aim to build international partnerships that will support world-wide arts educator’s engagement in China. We also aim to advance the role of arts education within the 21st century. The focus of the summit aligns with the over-arching goals initiated by UNESCO for the post 2015 agenda. 

This unique summit will profile arts education in China and also global arts education. The summit, supported by the Chinese Government, will provide a showcase for demonstrating and exchanging arts education pedagogies that promote public arts education. As an example, the summit will include academic presentations (in Chinese and English), classroom observations, school tours and a partnership day.  

The summit will gather many leading k-12 schools and higher education institutes across China and member organizations of WAAE (InSEA, WDA, IDEA, ISME). The summit will be held in the prestigious arts school, Beijing Thirty Five High School or Beijing Normal University. Here, in Beijing, we will present Chinese traditional arts performances and teaching workshops profiling traditional and current pedagogies for engaging in arts education study and exchange. The Chinese government will invite China’s leading arts schools and institutes to participate in the summit with a vision for building partnerships with international participants 

During the summit, the Beijing Arts Education for Sustainable Initiative will be drafted and signed, fostering a commitment to international collaboration. 

On behalf of the Beijing Board of Education (BBE) and WAAE we will be accepting up to 100 international arts education scholars and practitioners to register and participate in the summit. There is limited space and hence we will accept the first 100 registrations. 

A call for peer academic papers and workshops: 

  • Deadline for proposals:  June 15
  • Notification of acceptance: July 15
  • Early registration: August 15
  • Final registration: November 15 

Proposals should include a title, names of authors (and professional affiliation), a 500 word abstract and a statement of technological needs sent to Dequan Li by June 15, 2016.  

The accepted paper may publish in the local journal and the summit report will submit to UNESCO. 

Please contact Dequan Li

Please contact lidequan@epi.org.cn or  Dequanli@sina.cn

Attached is a registration form.

Upon completion and return of the registration form, an official invitation letter will issue to the registrants for applying visa. 



Representative of INSEA China, Representative of WAAE China Summit, Executive Director of E-Platform International (EPI)

Phone: 86-010-64528225

Cell: 86-13699178063

Address: Room 602, Fl 6, Fangzheng International Building,

North 4th Ring west Rd, 

Haidian District, 



Upon completion and return of the registration form, an official invitation letter will issue to the registrants for applying visa. 


Li, Dequan 

Representative of INSEA China, Representative of WAAE China Summit, Executive Director of E-Platform International (EPI)

Phone: 86-010-64528225 Cell: 6-1369917806

Address: Room 602, Fl 6, Fangzheng International Building, North 4th Ring west Rd,  Haidian District, Beijing, China

Registration Form


International Arts Education Week 2016


On behalf of the world wide membership of WAAE (The World Alliance for Arts Education) and the Presidential Council I write to celebrate the 2016 International Arts Education Week – May 23-29 – and to celebrate the significant contribution made by KACES to international arts education. 

The 2016 theme of the International Arts Education Week is Arts Education for Sustainability

GOAL 3 of the Seoul Agenda Goals for the Development of Arts Education:focuses attention on "applying arts education principles and practices to contribute to resolving the social and cultural challenges facing today’s world". UNESCO reminds us that "Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is about enabling us to constructively and creatively address present and future global challenges and create more sustainable and resilient societies”.

The World Alliance for Arts Education calls on all arts educators to uphold and defend the place of arts education in this significant work. Let us make our work in arts education spirited, strengthening and supporting physically, mentally and emotionally.Let us make our contribution sustaining and uplifting. 

In many cultures and times the Arts and education vibrantly tell stories of the tree that holds up the sky. Arts education is like that tree in affirming and confirming personal, social and cultural identities in a challenging world. The arts sustain and nourish us, help us bend without breaking. At this time of challenges we need the arts and arts education.

Robin Pascoe

Chair WAAE Presidential Council

President IDEA

WAAE World Alliance for Arts Education

International Drama/Theatre and Education Association (IDEA)

International Society for Education through Art (INSEA)

International Society for Music Education (ISME)

World Dance Association (WDA)

WAAE World Alliance for Arts Education

WAAE is a strong alliance of four international membership organisations. IDEA, InSEA, ISME (in 2006) and WDA (from 2007) have joined together to create the World Alliance for Arts Education. UNESCO recognises the unique role that arts education can play in the creation of international understanding, peace, social cohesion and sustainable development and WAAE is committed to working in partnership with UNESCO to help achieve this through arts education.
WAAE has helped shape UNESCO's Roadmap for Arts Education. You can view it here UNESCO's Roadmap for Arts Education
In 2010 the WAAE were invited to UNESCO's Second World Arts Education Conference where UNESCO's Goals for the Development of Arts Education were discussed and shaped.
Arts education helps develop confident, responsible and adaptable citizens with good communication skills, who can think critically and creatively. It helps deepen intercultural understanding and develops social skills and empathy.
We want governments throughout the world to place education in and through the arts and cultural development at the heart of their agendas. However, there is not always the political will to provide ‘arts education for all".
WAAE's global alliance has members in 90 countries. They include arts education organisations, creative and cultural institutions and leading practitioners who promotes innovative practices in arts education internationally. Through national affiliations and individual memberships, we draw on the experiences of more than one million dedicated and skilled teachers and lecturers, artists/performers, researchers, scholars, community leaders, administrators and policy makers in formal and informal educational settings throughout the world.
Our four organisations are uniquely positioned to advance professional practices and policies in the theatre/drama education, visual arts, music and dance. WAAE provides:

  • effective channels for international communication and the exchange of policy and pedagogical resources;
  • national, regional and world forums which debate and disseminate innovative educational theories and practices;
  • conceptual and professional structures to preserve tangible and intangible artistic cultures (particularly in the developing world), that are threatened by globalization;
  • models of intercultural analysis that explore aspects of traditional and new media and enable diverse pedagogies to be demonstrated and exchanged;
  • research into pedagogies for personal and social transformation;
  • critical investigation into the educational, socio-economic and cultural impacts of the arts.

Together, as WAAE, these associations will advocate new and appropriate paradigms of education which both transmit and transform culture through the humanizing languages of the arts, and which are founded on principles of cooperation, not competition. WAAE will make its exceptional human and cultural resources available to governments and educational communities across the world. Collectively the arts offer young people unique opportunities to understand and create their own cultural and personal identities. They stimulate interdisciplinary study and participatory decision-making, and motivate young people to engage in active learning and creative questioning.
Our four organisations have formed an alliance for strategic action based on principled and sustained dialogue. Our primary aim is to accelerate the implementation of arts education policies internationally. We want to collaborate with all governments, networks, educational institutions, communities and individuals who share our vision.
The WAAE Presidential group is currently made up of the Presidents of the four associations. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the four Presidents in Rovaniemi, Lapland (Finland) in November 2012.

WAAE International Arts Education Week 25-31 May 2015

WAAE International Arts Education Week May 25-31 2015 International Didgeridoo Artist William Barton – Arts for sustainability

WAAE International Arts Education Week May 25-31 2015

International Didgeridoo Artist William Barton – Arts for sustainability

In 2015 WAAE has again developed an advocacy pack for members of all WAAE associations to use to promote the aims of International Arts Education Week. Tell IDEA members about your advocacy.

UNESCO International Arts Education Week, 2016

The World Alliance for Arts Education (WAAE) announces that the theme for UNESCO International Arts Education Week, 23-29 May, 2016 is: Arts Education for Sustainable Development.
This theme carries on from International Arts Education Week 2015 and recognises the ongoing importance of arts education in contributing to local and global awareness of cultural, economic, environmental and humanitarian concerns. Arts Education with a core emphasis on doing/making/presenting offers exciting, dynamic, cross generational opportunities for action.
The World Alliance for Arts Education proudly advocates for the role that arts educators and artists can have in educating for sustainable development in formal, informal and non-formal education contexts. For more information about the WAAE please go to: http://waae.edcp.educ.ubc.ca
Executive Council WAAE
Chair, Robin Pascoe (IDEA)
Professor Margaret Barrett, (ISME)
Professor Rita Irwin (InSEA)
Assoc. Professor Ralph Buck (WDA)

UNESCO International des Arts Semaine de l'éducation 2016

L'Alliance mondiale pour l'éducation artistique (WAAE) annonce que le thème de la Semaine internationale de l'UNESCO de l'éducation artistique, 23 à 29 mai 2016 est: l'éducation artistique pour le développement durable.
Ce thème porte sur la Semaine internationale de l'éducation artistique 2015 et reconnaît l'importance continue de l'éducation artistique en contribuant à la sensibilisation locale et mondiale des préoccupations culturelles, économiques, environnementales et humanitaires. L'éducation artistique avec un noyau accent sur faire / décision / présentation des offres intéressantes, des possibilités, des générations croisées dynamiques d'action.
L'Alliance mondiale pour l'éducation artistique prône fièrement pour le rôle que les éducateurs artistiques et les artistes peuvent avoir dans l'éducation pour le développement durable dans des contextes formels, informels et d'éducation non formelle. Pour plus d'informations sur l'WAAE s'il vous plaît, allez à: http://waae.edcp.educ.ubc.ca
Conseil exécutif WAAE
Président, Robin Pascoe (IDEA)
Professeur Margaret Barrett, (ISME)
Professeur Rita Irwin (InSEA)
Assoc. Professeur Ralph Buck (WDA)

Semana de la Educación de la UNESCO Internacional de las Artes, 2016

La Alianza Mundial para la Educación Artística (WAAE) anuncia que el tema de la Semana Internacional de la UNESCO Educación de Arte, 23 hasta 29 mayo 2016 es: Educación Artística para el Desarrollo Sostenible.
Este tema continúa de la Semana Internacional de Educación de las Artes 2015 y reconoce la importancia actual de la educación artística en la contribución a la conciencia local y global de las preocupaciones culturales, económicos, ambientales y humanitarias. Educación de Arte, con un énfasis central en hacer / toma / presentación ofrece emocionantes, dinámicos, oportunidades generacionales cruzadas para la acción.
La Alianza Mundial para la Educación Artística con orgullo aboga por el papel que los educadores y artistas de artes pueden tener en la educación para el desarrollo sostenible en los contextos de educación formal, informal y no formal. Para obtener más información acerca de la WAAE por favor vaya a: http://waae.edcp.educ.ubc.ca
Consejo Ejecutivo WAAE
Presidente, Robin Pascoe (IDEA)
Profesora Margaret Barrett, (ISME)
Profesora Rita Irwin (InSEA)
Assoc. Profesor Ralph Buck (WDA)