Young IDEA

The Director of Young IDEA is Anj.Heruela
The post of Director of Young IDEA was introduced into the IDEA Executive Committee in 2004 and is still being defined in relation to the Young IDEA experiences from past World Congresses and the current debates that have shaped the design and practice of the International Young IDEA Project (IYIP).

The current definitions of Young IDEA:

Any group of young people working in the theatre
A group of young people linked working with a member of IDEA
A group of young people linked to an IDEA national association or group
Any group of young people invited to attend and perform in the IDEA World Congress
A project

The formation of Young IDEA:

  • Each member association starts by identifying at least one group of young people to be linked to their association;
  • Each association involves its group of young people in their activities as much as possible.

Young IDEA in the past: where are you?

We are trying to trace those young people who have participated in Young IDEA programs in past World Congresses. The YIWC is therefore researching: - who they are - where they are - what they are doing now - what impact Young IDEA made on them - their proposals for the future of Young IDEA. The Director of Young IDEA would welcome information from any association or country about people taking part in Young IDEA at any past congress.

Director of Young IDEA

Dear members of IDEA-Europe,
in order to promote and support the work of Young IDEA we would ask you to report organisations and individuals that match the following criteria of Young IDEA:

An Organization specifically working with Young People through Drama/Theatre and Education
-       An Organization working on a certain PROJECT WITH Young People through Drama/Theatre and Education
-       A Youth Organization doing work in Drama/Theatre and Education
-       Students of Drama/Theatre Education who are 30 years old and below
-       Young (30 years old and below) Independent Practitioners / Freelancers Working in the field of Drama/Theatre and Education

We would be very grateful if you could send the results of your research as soon as possible -  but anyway before end of January 2015 to the following e-mail adress:

You can also find additional information in the enclosed letter Summary Work Young IDEA

given on the IE-meeting last November in Vilnius.

and on the following website:

and the direct link to the YOUNG IDEA NETWORK PROFILE FORM :

As we know that an organization only has a future if it includes the youth in its work and its perspectives we would really be grateful if you could support Young IDEA in their efforts to help the next generation,

yours sincerely,

Ursula Silaen and Wilbert van der Post

Sub-group YoungIDEA IE-Meeting Vilnius