While much of the work of IDEA is voluntary, IDEA uses part of it's limited budget for an Administrator. The role of the IDEA Administrator is to work closely with both the IDEA President and the elected officers to manage the business requirements of the association.
These duties include:
Participation in planning and operational meetings;
Processing both incoming and outgoing correspondence;
Developing and maintaining an effective process for record-keeping and archiving;
Liaising with individual elected officers regarding matters related to their individual portfolios;
Managing and updating the membership database;
Managing and updating the IDEA web site;In conjunction with the Treasurer, sending out the annual Call for Fees, together with appropriate reminders;
In conjunction with the President, developing proposed annual budgets;In conjunction with the Secretary, responding to enquiries regarding membership;
Where possible, attending General Council Meetings; and
Preparing a quarterly report on the operation of the IDEA Secretariat.
For the 2013-2016 period, the Secretariat will be based in Australia.

Anne Winterton Administrator

Anne Winterton

Anne has enjoyed a 25-year career in tertiary education in both Australian and South African universities, mainly in health-related Faculties, or Schools of Education.
Over the past 10 years she has managed various projects and research-related activities at both State and Federal levels. Her range of administrative skills, particularly her close attention to detail, were critical to the overall success of the projects, given the complexities and timelines involved in fulfilling project requirements.
Anne’s academic qualifications are in educational administration. She was awarded a Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration and a Master of Education from The University of Melbourne.