Message from Li Cunxin (Artistic Director, Queensland Ballet) for International Arts Education Week 2016

World Alliance for Arts Education and UNESCO

International Arts Education Week

Arts for Sustainability 

In a world of constant pressures, of noise, of expectations and distractions, art can be the thing that sustains us. Art has the capacity to take us to another world; allows an escape even if just for a moment. Be it in a gallery, a theatre, a music studio or on the street, art is a powerful thing. It has the power to transform, to transport, to enrich and therefore, sustain. 

My world of ballet is one such artform. In my experience ballet, and the personal nature of creative expression, is a power like no other. I truly believe ballet can sustain communities by enriching lives through prioritising physical and mental wellbeing, connecting diverse communities with each other and bridging socio-cultural divides. 

True art should not exclude, it should invite all to explore, experience and enjoy. Ballet can do just that. Ballet develops individual skills such as confidence, creativity, reflection, determination, persistence, and resilience. It encourages a drive for excellence and can develop skills that can sustain us for life, with many great artists taking on leadership roles and becoming shapers of society. 

I would not be the dancer I became or the person I am today without the incredible arts education I received as a young person. Knowing how vital that training was to me, I have long been committed to the development of young people in the arts. It’s something that is at the very heart of my vision personally and professionally. A key part of that development, is finding what makes people passionate. 

Passion is the most important thing in achieving one’s best and is what sustains one in reaching for a goal. Passion made me work harder than most, passion made me hungry and drove me to pursue perfection and excellence. To catch up to my fellow classmates and to improve, I often woke up at 5am or earlier to practice, hopping one-legged with sandbags strapped to my ankles and pirouetting under the candle lights to gain the necessary muscle strength for jumping and turning, I did this for years. Hard work paid off, I graduated as one of the top dancers in China and the rest is history. 

I found my passion for ballet thanks to an incredible teacher I had, Teacher Xiao. I credit Teacher Xiao with changing my outlook on life, for inspiring me, for making me who I am today and for igniting my passion. That passion for ballet was what sustained me through years of being away from my family, through all the challenges and hard work. 

I hope many others will benefit from arts education like I have. They may not all grace the stage, but I do believe it will transform their lives and the lives of those around them. I do believe arts education will not only help sustain our precious artforms but also our communities. Creating passionate people that strive to understand, respect and challenge each other. 

Li Cunxin

Artistic Director, Queensland Ballet

World Alliance for Arts Education Summit Beijing China December 3-6 2016

After 18 months of careful negotiation the Presidential Council of WAAE are pleased to announce the following invitation to the next WorldSummit for Arts Education to be held in Beijing December 2-6 2016.


Dear Arts Educators

We are very glad to announce the 6th World Summit of the World Alliance for Arts Education and first world arts education summit to be held in Mainland China on December 3rd to 6th of 2016, co-hosted by UNESCO member organizations forming the World Alliance for Arts Education (WAAE,) Beijing Board of Education (BBE), Ministry of Education (MOE) of China, and E-Platform International Science and Technology (EPI). 

Arts Education for Sustainable Development is the theme of the summit. We aim to build international partnerships that will support world-wide arts educator’s engagement in China. We also aim to advance the role of arts education within the 21st century. The focus of the summit aligns with the over-arching goals initiated by UNESCO for the post 2015 agenda. 

This unique summit will profile arts education in China and also global arts education. The summit, supported by the Chinese Government, will provide a showcase for demonstrating and exchanging arts education pedagogies that promote public arts education. As an example, the summit will include academic presentations (in Chinese and English), classroom observations, school tours and a partnership day.  

The summit will gather many leading k-12 schools and higher education institutes across China and member organizations of WAAE (InSEA, WDA, IDEA, ISME). The summit will be held in the prestigious arts school, Beijing Thirty Five High School or Beijing Normal University. Here, in Beijing, we will present Chinese traditional arts performances and teaching workshops profiling traditional and current pedagogies for engaging in arts education study and exchange. The Chinese government will invite China’s leading arts schools and institutes to participate in the summit with a vision for building partnerships with international participants 

During the summit, the Beijing Arts Education for Sustainable Initiative will be drafted and signed, fostering a commitment to international collaboration. D

On behalf of the Beijing Board of Education (BBE) and WAAE we will be accepting up to 100 international arts education scholars and practitioners to register and participate in the summit. There is limited space and hence we will accept the first 100 registrations. 

A call for peer academic papers and workshops: 

  • Deadline for proposals:  June 15
  • Notification of acceptance: July 15
  • Early registration: August 15
  • Final registration: November 15 

Proposals should include a title, names of authors (and professional affiliation), a 500 word abstract and a statement of technological needs sent to Dequan Li by June 15, 2016.  

The accepted paper may publish in the local journal and the summit report will submit to UNESCO. 

Please contact Dequan Li, for registration details. Attached is a registration form.

Upon completion and return of the registration form, an official invitation letter will issue to the registrants for applying visa. 


Li, Dequan 

Representative of INSEA China, Representative of WAAE China Summit, Executive Director of E-Platform International (EPI)

Phone: 86-010-64528225 Cell: 6-1369917806

Address: Room 602, Fl 6, Fangzheng International Building, North 4th Ring West Rd, 

Haidian District, Beijing China



International Arts Education Week 2016 MAY 23-29 – ARTS EDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABILITY

On behalf of the world wide membership of WAAE (The World Alliance for Arts Education) and the Presidential Council I write to celebrate the 2016 International Arts Education Week – May 23-29 – and to celebrate the significant contribution made by KACES to international arts education. 

The 2016 theme of the International Arts Education Week is Arts Education for Sustainability

GOAL 3 of the Seoul Agenda Goals for the Development of Arts Education: focuses attention on "applying arts education principles and practices to contribute to resolving the social and cultural challenges facing today’sworld". UNESCO reminds us that "Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is about enabling us to constructively and creatively address present and future global challenges and create more sustainable and resilient societies”.

The World Alliance for Arts Education calls on all arts educators to uphold and defend the place of arts education in this significant work. Let us make our work in arts education spirited, strengthening and supporting physically, mentally and emotionally. Let us make our contribution sustaining and uplifting. 

In many cultures and times the Arts and education vibrantly tell stories of the tree that holds up the sky. Arts education is like that tree in affirming and confirming personal, social and cultural identities in a challenging world. The arts sustain and nourish us, help us bend without breaking. At this time of challenges we need the arts and arts education.

Robin Pascoe, Chair WAAE Presidential Council, President IDEA

Image: John Curtin College of the Arts, Fremantle, Western Australia. Student sculpture: Creativity, Innovation, Imagination

IDEA Congress 2016 postponed IDEA | Congrès 2016 reportée IDEA |Congreso 2016 pospuesto

IDEA Congress 2016 postponed | IDEA Congrès 2016 report | IDEA Congreso 2016 pospuesto

IDEA 2016 postponed

With the security situation in Ankara and Turkey and the short time to successfully run the congress, IDEA in conjunction with ÇAĞDAŞ DRAMA DERNEĞİ (CDA), announce that IDEA 2016 in Ankara, July 11-17, 2016, has been postponed until July 2017.

The IDEA General Council Meeting in Columbia, South Carolina, discussed the concerns raised by members and resolved to write to CDA to request this postponement. 

The Constitution of IDEA allows for congresses to be every two, three OR four years. The postponement will be within what is allowed.

On behalf of the IDEA community, I thank CDA for continuing to host the congress in 2017. I ask all members of IDEA to support CDA at this time. IDEA apologise for any inconvenience this postponement causes.

Further details to follow.

IDEA 2016 reportée

Avec la situation de sécurité à Ankara et la Turquie et le peu de temps pour exécuter avec succès le congrès, IDEA en collaboration avec ÇAĞDAŞ DRAMA DERNEĞİ (CDA), announce que IDEA 2016 à Ankara, Juillet 11-17, 2016, a été reporté à Juillet 2017.

L'IDEA réunion de l’Assemblé Général de la Columbia, a examiné les problèmes soulevées par les membres et résolus d'écrire à l'CDA de demander ce report.

La Constitution de l'IDEA permet de congrès soient tous les deux, trois ou quatre ans. Le report sera dans ce qui est permis.

Au nom de la communauté d’IDEA, je remercie CDA pour continuer à accueillir le congrès en 2017. Je demande à tous les membres de IDEA pour soutenir CDA en ce moment. IDEA s'excuse à tous pour chaque inconvénient causé par ce report.

D'autres détails à suivre.

IDEA 2016 pospuesto

Con la situación de seguridad en Ankara y Turquía y el poco tiempo para ejecutar satisfactoriamente el Congreso, IDEA conjuntamente con ÇAĞDAŞ DRAMA DERNEĞİ (CDA), anuncie que IDEA 2016 en Ankara, 11-17 de julio de, 2016, ha sido pospuesta hasta julio de 2017.

La reunión del Consejo General de IDEA en Columbia, Carolina del Sur, discutió las preocupaciones planteadas por los miembros y para su resolución a escribir a CDA para solicitar un aplazamiento.

La Constitución de IDEA permite congresos sean cada dos, tres o cuatro años. El aplazamiento estará dentro de lo que está permitido.

En nombre de la comunidad IDEA, agradezco a CDA para seguir acogiendo el congreso en 2017. Pido a todos los miembros de IDEA para apoyar CDA en este momento. IDEA se disculpa por cualquier inconveniente que esto provoca posposición..

Más detalles a seguir.

Thank you for understanding this difficult decision.

Nous vous remercions de votre compréhension de cette décision difficile.

Gracias por la comprensión de esta difícil decisión ti.

Robin Pascoe, IDEA President on behalf of the Elected Officers.



February 2016

Message from INRAE International Network for Research in Arts Education

Dear Friend of Arts Education Research,

You are probably familiar with the outstanding work of the International Network for Research in Arts Education (INRAE) and particularly the annual Yearbook that is renowned for disseminating studies in arts education from around the world.  We are writing to give you a unique opportunity to support the continuation of this remarkable publication and, at the same time, to receive formal recognition and a gift of the 2016 edition, delivered to your home.

Publication of the first three INRAE Yearbooks was generously supported by the Mercator Foundation.  Now that this funding has ended, we are excited to be using crowdfunding to cover the cost of publication for 2016.

We invite you to visit our crowdfunding campaign by following this link – or look for the campaign called “Support Arts Education through Research” on Indiegogo.  We will be very grateful for donations at any level and will recognize all donations of 10 Euros or more on a special donor’s page in the Yearbook, itself, and on our website.  In addition, we will reward each donation of 50 Euros or greater with a gift of the 2016 INRAE Yearbook.

CLICK HERE to support Support arts education through research

A world of arts education research | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!

Please visit the campaign site and see for yourself!

With best wishes,

The INRAE Steering Committee

Link youtube filmpje ManoucheProject

link youtube filmpje ManoucheProject
Dear IDEA members,

With pleasure we share the link with you to YOUTUBE for access to the slide show:

The slides give a short audiovisual impression of the ROMA (Manouche) project of our association 'AAA Fabre Vieux' in September 2015:
"The culture of the traveling people alongside the castles". See also our FACE BOOK page: AAA Fabre Vieux.
Looking forward to hearing about your activites,

Warm regards,

Maria van BAKELEN - Artistic Director AAA Fabre Vieux

Chers membres d'IDEA,

Avec plaisir nous partageons le lien avec vous sur YouTube pour accéder au diaporama:

Les diapositives donnent une impression audiovisuelle courte du projet ROMA (Manouche) de notre association 'AAA Fabre Vieux' en Septembre 2015: "La culture des gens du voyage aux côtés des châteaux".
Voir aussi notre page face book: AAA Fabre Vieux.

Au plaisir d'avoir de vos activités,

Meilleurs voeux,


Estimados miembros de IDEA,

Con mucho gusto compartimos con ustedes el enlace a YouTube para acceder a la presentación de diapositivas:
Las diapositivas dan una breve impresión de proyecto audiovisual ROMA (Manouche) de nuestra asociación AAA Fabre Vieux 'en septiembre de 2015: "La cultura de viajeros junto castillos". Véase también nuestra página de face book: AAA Fabre Vieux.

Mirando hacia adelante a oír sus actividades,

Mis mejores deseos,

Maria van BAKELEN - Dirección Artística

UNESCO International Arts Education Week, 2016

UNESCO International Arts Education Week, 2016

UNESCO International Arts Education Week, 2016

The World Alliance for Arts Education (WAAE) announces that the theme for UNESCO International Arts Education Week, 23-29 May, 2016 is: Arts Education for Sustainable Development

Semana de la Educación de la UNESCO Internacional de las Artes, 2016

La Alianza Mundial para la Educación Artística (WAAE) anuncia que el tema de la Semana Internacional de la UNESCO Educación de Arte, 23 hasta 29 mayo 2016 es: Educación Artística para el Desarrollo Sostenible.

UNESCO International des Arts Semaine de l'éducation 2016

L'Alliance mondiale pour l'éducation artistique (WAAE) annonce que le thème de la Semaine internationale de l'UNESCO de l'éducation artistique, 23 à 29 mai 2016 est: l'éducation artistique pour le développement durable.

Call for papers for INRAE Yearbook 2016, Volume 4:


Call for papers for INRAE Yearbook 2016, Volume 4:

At the Crossroads of Culture Education and Arts Education: Queries meet Assumptions

The International Network for Research in Arts Education (INRAE) Steering Committee invites you and your arts subject colleagues to submit an article to our 2016 Yearbook. We wish to reconsider fundamental questions on what arts education is about.  With this in mind, we welcome articles that challenge assumptions and offer new insights. The paper may reflect a general, international perspective or be more closely related to the context, tradition and praxis in your own art subject and/or your country. The Yearbook is scheduled to be launched in February 2016 at a conference in Kenya, so we will ask you to adhere to a strict deadline (see below). 

The editor for the 2016 INRAE Yearbook is Professor Emerita Aud Berggraf Sæbø PHD of  the University of Stavanger, Norway.  E mail:   

INRAE Yearbook 2016 and Theme

The two first INRAE Yearbooks were written in the context of The 2010 Seoul Agenda, while the third was open to a wide range of issues in arts education. For each of these, the main aim was to publish articles that gave new theoretical knowledge, practical insight and various perspectives on arts education worldwide, see

The theme of this Fourth volume is the result of an INRAE discussion on the growing practice of interchanging the terms art and culture in education to such a large extent that they end up being regarded as synonymous. We ask ourselves: Is all culture art? Is all cultural activity automatically art? If we agree that art education is cultural education, does this mean that we can turn around and say all cultural education is art education? What are the implications for arts in education and how can we distinguish arts education from cultural education? We are not at all asking for opinion pieces on the topic, art education versus cultural education, but articles that reconsider fundamental questions on what arts education is about.

We welcome and ask for research articles that analyze and discuss the characteristics of the arts in education around the world. We invite you to write about theoretical and/or practical perspectives and/or traditions and practice/praxis in your art subject in your own country. We welcome all kinds of qualitative and quantitative research.

Timeframes/ Deadlines

·      01.08.15          Invitation/call for papers sent to members of international art education

organizations with a request to forward to national colleagues

·      20.08.15          Deadline for submitting abstract (300 – 500 words).

To be sent to the main editor,

·      31.08.15          Deadline for feedback from the editor on the proposals

·      01.11.15          Deadline for accepted authors to submit the full article

·      31.11.15          Deadline for feedback on the peer review process to the authors

·      15.12.15          Deadline for final revised text from the authors

·      31.12.15          Deadline for the final language editing of all articles

·      à Febr.16       Printing


Guidelines to The Authors

The final article is to be from 2000 to 3000 words, but we will consider articles up to max. 5000 words (and max. is including spaces and reference list).

The article is to be written in English. Use Times New Roman 12 pkt. and space line 1 ½.

Page 1: Authors name, working address and e-mail address

Page 2: Start with the title of the article and an ingress/abstract of about 75 – 100 words.  If you have figures/ tables, please attach them in a separate document. Pictures (black and white) may be accepted, you will have to ask the editor especially for this. Mark in the text where they are to be inserted. Use endnotes rather than footnotes.  Citations are to be in 10 pkt. normal (not cursive).

I look forward to hearing from you!

Professor Emerita Aud Berggraf Sæbø, University of Stavanger  

Wishing you good luck with the writing process

Members of INRAE Steering Committee

From our Latin American network

Have you seen the CD-Rom produced by ABRA about the IDEA2010 Congress. ( 

Check it out!

To accompany the earlier post on AfroMundi, you might be interested to watch this short video of the final public rehearsal of Dry Tears (on youtube) which PolyPrep hosted. Perhaps it might stimulate an Americas or North-South collaboration for IDEA 2016?

International Arts Education Week Updates


We had been planning to do a live stream today but that is no longer possible. However we will be recording the session and it will be uploaded within the next week or two.  We will send out the links when they are ready.

'The Wisdom of Many: The Third International Yearbook of Research in Arts Education

AND we are also excited to receive news of the very timely release of 'The Wisdom of Many: The Third International Yearbook of Research in Arts Education'. A good representation of Australian Arts Education Researchers included!

Here is the link for a short video from Jeff Meiners about exciting work occurring in South Australia

We wish our other colleagues well who are also hosting events this week, including Margaret Baguley at USQ and Susan Wright and colleagues at University of Melbourne (see the last newsletter for details).

Dr Susan Davis and Kim Snepvangers

Co-convenors of the AARE SIG on Arts Education <>

International Arts Education week May 25-31 – International Arts Education Week- launching the revised Drama Makes Meaning now on-line

International Arts Education Week- launching the revised Drama Makes Meaning now on-line

Drama Australia is delighted to announce the publication of revised version of our key advocacy document Drama Makes Meaning (attached and available our web site.

This publication is launched in celebration of UNESCO International Arts Education Week 25-31 May 2015. The theme for 2015 is Arts Education for Sustainable Development. The World Alliance for Arts Education has also prepared an information package for arts educators to support educators in this week of arts advocacy:

This week is an opportunity to join with arts education colleagues all over the world to promote the importance of arts education. Please make good use of

Drama Makes Meaning and do something extra this week to celebrate the importance of drama in your communities.

Have a happy International Arts Education Week for 2015.

Dr Jo Raphael

Director of International Liaison -Drama Australia  

Land and Home Project in Action

Afro Mundi, an Afro-Indigenous youth dance company group from Amazonian Brazil visited New York, New Jersey and Connecticut as part of the larger project Rios de Encontro (Rivers of Meeting) tour, coordinated by the Transformance Institute, part of the Brazilian Network of Arteducators. Rios de Encontro completed 22 performances and 42 workshops in 12 schools and four cultural centres, co-funded by the international award received last year.

AfroMundi had the inspiring opportunity to visit Sonya Baehr’s school to present their latest Amazonian-Contemporary dance piece 'Dry Tears' and coordinate three workshops as a contribution to IDEA's 'Land and Home' project.


AfroMundi's Lorena Melissa, Camilla Alves and João Paulo Souza present the Amazonian-Contemporary dance-theatre 'Dry Tears' to PolyPrep School as part of IDEA's 'Land and Home' Project, 27 April 2015.

AfroMundi's Lorena Melissa, Camilla Alves and João Paulo Souza present the Amazonian-Contemporary dance-theatre 'Dry Tears' to PolyPrep School as part of IDEA's 'Land and Home' Project, 27 April 2015.

Arts Education Week Event

AARE ImageLightUpOurLives

An Arts Education and Research Symposium
For International Arts Education Week 2015

Woodward Theatre, QUT, Brisbane
Wednesday 27 May 4.00 – 6.00 pm

Beginning in 2012, UNESCO declared that the fourth week in May each year would be International Arts Education Week.  Artists, educators, researchers, organisations and associations are invited to celebrate the arts within education, cultures and lives.  As this year is also the International Year of 'Light’ we would like to focus on how 'The Arts Light Up Our Lives'.  
Arts educators, researchers, organisations and supporters are invited to attend this forum and share insights about how the arts contribute to education and life in Australia.  We also hope this event can help activate ongoing partnerships, research and practice to maximise opportunities to light up the lives of Australian children, young people and diverse audiences through the arts. The event will be live streamed and also recorded.
The proposed speakers include:
* Lenine, Bourke, Director, Community Partnership, Australia Council for the Arts
* Dr Margaret Barrett, Professor and Head of the School of Music, University of Queensland
* Tamara Winikoff, CEO, National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA)
* Dr Michael Dezuanni, QUT Deputy Director, Children and Youth Research Centre
Dance speaker, to be confirmed

"Shine a light" on your arts and educational research, teaching, initiatives and projects.
The event will also feature snapshot presentations of arts education practice and research, which can be submitted by AARE members across Australia.  Collated PowerPoint slides will be documented for further dissemination and advocacy.  We are requesting that you only include images that can be shared publicly including via the Internet.  Please send two PowerPoint slides, clearly identifying the author(s) & institutional affiliation by Friday 15 May to allow for compilation to Dr Kim Snepvangers

For event enquiries contact: Dr Susan Davis or Dr Sandra Gattenhof

Sue & Kim.
AEPR SIG Convenors, AARE