General Council
GMC General Meeting Committee

The business of IDEA is directed by the General Council which is made up of one appointed delegate from each ordinary member. Where there is more than one member from a country, the vote for that country is split proportionally.
General Council Meetings are held during International Congresses and at least once between them.
The work of the General Council is to:  
elect the members of the Executive Committee(EC), the General Meeting Committee(GMC) and the Accountancy Committee(AC);
determine the principles of action for IDEA and empower the Executive Committee accordingly;
consider the activities report of the President, and the financial report of the Treasurer, as audited and presented by the Accountancy Committee;
determine the host countries for the international congresses to be held
ratify the nomination of the Congress Director, appointed by the Executive Committee after the organiser of the next congress has been chosen;
determine the host country for the IDEA Secretariat;
vote on the budget; and
fix the amount for membership fees.
The General Meeting Committee (GMC) shall be entrusted with the preparation and guidance of the meetings of the General Council.

The GMC members elected in Paris in July 2013 are:

Sanja Krsmanović Tasić
Byoung Joo Kim
Vice President
Maria van Bakelen

General Council Meeting – Columbia, South Carolina, USA

January 22, 23, 24

The Council is meeting in Columbia (thanks to the support of the Director of research, Peter Duffy and the University of South Carolina) to prepare for the IDEA Congress in Ankara Turkey (July 11-17 2016 – check out the web site

Documents for the Meeting

Additional documents will be posted as they are available. Apologies if any documents have been overlooked.

Final agenda for GCM Columbia

Dear IDEA members,

Herewith you find the final Agenda of the GCM in Columbia, SC, USA.
My aplogises for the mistakes in the French and Spanish version which you'll find for sure in these and the other sent documents,
as there was no help from native speaking IDEA members available.

If you cannot attend the GCM, please fill in the Form for your Proxy Vote sent earlier.

Agenda in English
Estimados miembros de IDEA,
Por la presente se encuentra el Programa final del GCM en Columbia, Carolina del Sur, EE.UU..
Mis disculpas por los errores en la versión francesa y española que usted encontrará con seguridad en estos y los demás documentos enviados, ya que no había ninguna ayuda de los miembros nativos IDEA habla disponibles.
Si no puede participarr a la Asemblea General (GCM), por favor, rellene el formulario para su voto por poder enviado antes.

Agenda in Espagnol

Chers adhérents d'IDEA,
Ici, vous trouvez l'Ordre du jour définitif de la GCM à Columbia, SC, USA.
Mes excuses pour les erreurs dans la version française et espagnole que vous trouverez à coup sûr dans ceux-ci et les autres documents envoyés, comme il n'y avait pas d'aide des membres parlant IDEA indigènes disponibles.
Si vous ne pouvez pas participer à l'Seemblee Generale (GCM), s'il vous plaît remplir le formulaire pour votre vote par procuration envoyé plus tôt.

Agenda in Francais

Nota bene:

The changes in comparison with the DRAFT Agenda are marked in yellow colour.

Los cambios en comparación con el orden del día PROYECTO están marcados en color amarillo.

Changements par rapport à l'ordre du jour PROJET sont marqués en jaune.

Un cordial saludo, Warm regards, Bien cordialement,

Maria van Bakelen
Secretary / secrataire / secretario GMC

The next General Council Meeting will be during IDEA2016

in ankara turkey

General Council Meeting Columbia South Carolina January 21-23 2016

Papers from this meeting will be posted when available.